AAUMinho Transportation Service – Schedule Reinforcement

AAUMinho informs that from tomorrow, September 20th, we will have a reinforcement in the transportation service, at the following times: Braga – Guimarães: 8h00 AE Guimarães – Braga: 8h30 AE Consult the new schedule through the link:

Notice | Cancellation of Bus Services – September 19th

AAUMinho informs that today, September 19, the bus that runs at 08:00 on the National Road (EN) from Guimarães to Braga will not be in operation. However, today, exceptionally, another bus will be running on the same route at 09:00. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Notice | Opening Espaços Recurso

AAUMinho informs the academic community that the Espaço Recurso from the Campus of Gualtar will reopen tomorrow, September 1st. In turn, the Espaço Recurso from the Campus of Azurém will reopen next Tuesday, September 6th.

AAUMinho Transportation Service – Schedule Change

From tomorrow, May 31st, until June 3rd, a new AAUMinho Transportation Service schedule will take effect. In the next few days, we will announce more changes to the transportation schedule. Check and download the new timetable through the link:

Notice | Cancellation of Bus Services – May 11th

AAUMinho informs that today, May 11th, the following timetables of the transportation service will not work: Departure from Gualtar: 12:10 EN Departure from Azurém: 12:10 EN We apologize for the inconvenience caused.