AAUMinho adds medals in the National University Championship of Kickboxing Light Kick

On December 4th, the Academic Association of the University of Minho (AAUMinho) organized the National University Championship of Kickboxing Light Kick, at the Sports Pavilion of Azurém. The Minho facilities hosted around fifty athletes from all over the country, including nine athletes from the University of Minho.

Athletes Luiz Alexandre and Sofia Oliveira became university national champions, after winning the gold medal and leading the podium of <74kg male and <65kg female, respectively. In turn, Joana Oliveira and Gabriel Vilar reached second place and consequently received the silver medal in <65kg female and <63kg male, respectively.

The Minho Academy also received two bronze medals, through the merit of José Martins and João Cunha, in <69kg and <74kg male, respectively. In this way, the Minho student-athletes won six medals, two gold, two silver and two bronze.

AAUMinho is grateful for the determination and effort of all athletes, wishing them all the best wishes for the future!

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