Volunteering is a form of learning and self-development, this is why we built a platform which allows you to access the opportunities provided by AAUMinho and our partners. Join and make a difference in society!

Latest Opportunities

UM Futuro

The UM Futuro project is a social project designed to create a connection point between the community and the student world, whose main focus is to improve the daily lives of residents of the Bairro Social das Enguardas, in Braga.


Every social activity aims to achieve a significant impact on society and on the construction of a more developed community. We promote diverse initiatives through which we interact with society, bringing to the table relevant and disruptive themes.


We encourage the implementation of inclusive policies in the academic community of the University of Minho, always with equality of opportunity in mind, providing support to all students who have a problem related to inclusion.


We believe that sustainability can improve our future, so our activities take into account the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. From event organisation to day-to-day management, we draw up improvement plans on these actions. In 2019 we won an application to Sê-lo Verde by the Environmental Fund.