In partnership with the Social Services of the University of Minho, we take athletes to compete at national level in FADU competitions, and at international level, in European and World University Championships. There is a diverse offer of collective and individual sports, if you want to compete for AAUMinho or if you have any doubts regarding academic sport, contact us at ​​​.


We are an institution of champions that receives medals and prizes in the most diverse sports. In 2019, the Government of Portugal rewarded us with the Medal of Honor for Sports Merit and the European University Sport Association rewarded us with the Award for Best European University in Sport in the decade 2009-2019.

Gata na Praia

Your Easter holidays will never be the same! Gata na Praia is an event which promotes informal sports practice, socialising and leisure on the beaches of Algarve, and you can count on sport activities on the beach, the traditional theme parties and a lot of good mood.

Caloiro de Molho

Caloiro de Molho is part of the welcoming program for new students. It is an event that brings together about 3000 students in an afternoon of fun, sports activities and lots of water in the mix.

eSports Tournaments

The eSports Tournament, within the scope of informal sports, is an initiative that combines a recreational component, stimulates the integration of the academy and bets on alternative modalities.