The tickets (single or in pack) can be acquired, from Monday to Friday, at Recurso Places in Braga and Guimarães or through the new Transports Digital Service offered by the Recurso app.

This way, it is important to recall some sanitary norms inherent to the current pandemic situation:

  • The use of a mask inside the bus is mandatory;
  • It is mandatory to disinfect your hands before entering the bus.


Additional information:

  • The first bus stop in the Braga-Guimarães direction is, currently, the one located next to the McDonald’s (parallel to the usual stop);
  • A new bus stop was created next to Campus de Couros, in Guimarães (see here its exact location).

In case you have any doubt contact us at +351 253 510 156 or at

Single trip : 1,40€

Pack (5 trips) : 5,50€