Cooperation Protocol between AAUMinho and ESN Minho

On April 19, 2022, a cooperation protocol was signed in the scope of inclusion and support for international and mobility students, between the Academic Association of the University of Minho (AAUMinho) and the Erasmus Student Network Minho (ESN Minho).

The agreement signed by the parties has as main objectives, the increase of the capacity to respond in relation to the support given to the problems of international students and students in mobility, the encouragement of the participation of academic students in international mobility programs and also the promotion of the inclusion of international students and incoming students under the Erasmus+ program in the current activities of the University and AAUMinho.

For these purposes, some initiatives are highlighted in the protocol, such as the promotion of joint acts with regard to the development of integration activities, the promotion of initiatives for listening and monitoring the problems of international students and mobility between entities, the increase in the dissemination of opportunities for internships and international exchanges, as well as the intermediation, by AAUMinho, of the contact between ESN Minho and the bodies of the University.