Informative Note: Master’s Applications

Over the last few days, the Management of the Academic Association of the University of Minho became aware of the impossibility of applying for a master’s degree, due to the timing of the application period and the consequent non-completion of the bachelor degree, by several students of the academy.

Considering that it is the responsibility of each Organic Teaching Unit to establish the deadlines for applying for master’s degrees, by means of a proposal submitted for approval by the competent bodies of the university, the opening of early applications, given the expected period of completion of the degrees and without due safeguard of the greater number of vacancies for a period in which all those who are still completing their degree, may leave out several students who intend to continue their studies at UMinho.

This is a situation that naturally concerns our students as well as AAUMinho, where there is a serious risk, if there is not a proper safeguard, that vacancies will be filled, not according to merit, but according to the application calendar.

In this way, we had the opportunity to express this concern to UMinho’s own bodies and to appeal to common sense in an application process that should prioritize merit and the distribution of vacancies that guarantee equitable access for students, regardless of the year of graduation, thus safeguarding all those who have not yet had the opportunity to complete their studies this school year.

Over the next few days, we will try to bring more developments on this issue to the entire academic community!

For A Path to the Future,

The direction of AAUMinho