Men’s Basketball Team qualified for the National University Championship

From the 29th to the 31st of March, the Second Concentrated Basketball Day took place in Coimbra and AAUMinho was represented by a team that triumphed.

Made up of 12 players, the Academia Minhota team won four of the five games it played, with the following results:

  • AAUAlg 40 – 46 AAUMinho
  • AAUMinho 30 – 27 AAUE
  • AAC 44 – 55 AAUMinho
  • IPCBranco 42 – 31 AAUMinho
  • AAUMinho 50 – 27 AAUBI

With these results, the Minho team finished in first place in the league table and, thus, is qualified for the National University Championship.

AAUMinho congratulates all the players involved and wishes all the success for the next phase!