Rui Oliveira elected president of National Youth Council

Rui Oliveira, student of the Integrated Master of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minho and current president of AAUMinho, was elected president of National Youth Council today.

The National Youth Council, founded in 1985, is the representative platform of national youth organizations, covering the most varied expressions of youth associativism (cultural, environmental, scouts, party, students, unionists and religious).

The elected board, in Lisbon, at the last General Meeting is composed of the following members/organizations:


Rui Oliveira – National Scouts Body

Other members:

Afonso Beirão – Portuguese Communist Youth

Alexandre Galiza – Social Democratic Youth

Ana Branco – National Association of Nutrition Students

Ana Rita Pereira – Socialist Youth

António Alves – FADU Portugal

Beatriz Camacho – PAR – Social Responses

Rúben Felizardo – National Association of Dental Medicine Students

José Ribeiro – AFS Interculura