Taekwondo athletes added medals at the National University Championship

Last Saturday, February 26th, 21 Taekwondo student-athletes, along with coach Suraj Maugi and assistant coach Marcos Andrade, headed to Seixal to compete in the National University Championship.

AAUMinho athletes secured several places on the podium, which totaled 11 medals, being two gold, two silver and seven bronze, in two categories:


  • Ana Coelho – Gold
  • Tiago Alves – Gold
  • Tomás Cruz – Silver
  • Diogo Barros- Silver
  • Mafalda Couto – Bronze
  • Gabriel Abreu – Bronze
  • Miguel Gonçalves – Bronze
  • Ricardo Carvalho – Bronze
  • Ivo Vilas Boas – Bronze
  • Joel Gama – Bronze

Technical pairs:

  • Fátima Micaela Gomes e António Ribeiro – Bronze

AAUMinho thanks the athletes for their effort and dedication and congratulates them on these great achievements!