Transportation Service AAUMinho – Suppression of schedules 03/10 and 05/10

Due to the incident with one of the buses, the transportation service will have some schedules suppressed during tomorrow, October 3rd:

– 8:00 am AE Av. Braga – Azurém

– 8:30 am AE Hosp. Azurém – Braga

However, there will be a bus making these same schedules that will pass on the avenue and in the hospital.

– 12:10 pm AE Av./Hosp. Braga – Azurém

– 1:10 pm AE Hosp./Av. Azurém – Braga

The bus that makes 1:00 pm AE Azurém – Braga will pass in the hospital.

– 5:10 pm AE Hosp. Braga – Azurém

– 5:40 pm AE Hosp./Av. Azurém – Braga

We also anticipate that these deletions may cause some delays, of which we apologize for the inconvenience!

On Wednesday, October 5th, there will be no transportation service, as it is a national holiday, the Day of the Implantation of the Portuguese Republic.