Transportation Service AAUMinho – Suppression of schedules 30/09

Due to the incident with one of the buses, the transportation service will have some schedules suppressed during tomorrow:

– 8:00 am AE Av. Braga – Azurém

– 8:30 am AE Hosp. Azurém – Braga

However, there will be a bus making these same schedules that will pass on the avenue and in the hospital.

– 12:10 pm AE Av./Hosp. Braga – Azurém

– 1:10 pm AE Hosp./Av. Azurém – Braga

The bus that makes 1:00 pm AE Azurém – Braga will pass in the hospital.

– 5:10 pm AE Hosp. Braga – Azurém

– 5:40 pm AE Hosp./Av. Azurém – Braga

We also anticipate that these deletions may cause some delays, of which we apologize for the inconvenience!