Volleyball teams triumph in the Second Concentrated Day

On March 10, the women’s volleyball team headed to Barcelos to participate in the Second Women’s Volleyball Concentrated Day.

Made up of 16 athletes, the Academia Minhota team won the two games they played, with the following results:

  • AAUTAD 0 – 2 AAUMinho
  • AAUMinho 2 – 0 AAUAv

In turn, the men’s volleyball team took part in the Second Concentrated Volleyball Day in Faro, on March 10th and 11th.

Made up of 13 athletes, the group won two of the three games they played, with the following results:

  • AAUBI 0 – 2 AAUMinho
  • IPSantarém 0 – 2 AAUMinho
  • AAUMinho 0 – 2 AAUAv

With these results, both teams move on to the Final Phases of the sport. The competition is scheduled from May 23 to 27, in Leiria.

AAUMinho congratulates all the players involved and wishes all the success for the next phase!