Women’s Handball wins AAUMinho’s first medal at the National University Championships

Between the 16th and 27th of May, the National University Championships are taking place in Leiria and Marinha Grande and the AAUMinho Women’s Handball team was present in the first week of the competition, between the 16th and 19th of May.

The players reached the third place in the competition and thus won the bronze medal.

The results of the matches were as follows:

Group stage:

  • AEISCAP 13 – 20 AAUMinho
  • P. Leiria 14 – 21 AAUMinho

Semi Final:

  • AAUMinho 27 – 30 AAUAv

Decision game between third and fourth place:

  • AAUMinho 23 – 19 P. Leiria

In this way, Minho Academy received the first medal in these National University Championships.

AAUMinho congratulates the Female Handball athletes for the achievement, highlighting their dedication and effort throughout this season.